Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Montessori Phonetic Baskets

The phonetic baskets are 4 baskets that contain 20 word cards folded lengthwise.

Basket #1-
Three-letter phonetic words on pink paper

Basket #2-
Four-to-eight letter phonetic words containing up to 2 syllables, each containing consonant blends, on light blue paper.

Basket #3-
Four or more letter phonetic words, of one syllable and each containing a double consonant, on dark blue paper.

Basket #4-
Phonetic words of one or two syllables with the long 'y' at the end, such as penny, and two syllable double consonant words, on light green paper.

Phonetic Baskets
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  1. Thanks for all these free resources...GBY!

  2. Hi Cathie,

    I am wondering what do the two-letter phonetic words on pink paper are for? Thanks.

    1. They are just words for the child to practice - If the teacher feels that the child could use it. You are welcome to keep them in or to take them out. The whole point of being exhaustive is to afford teachers the freedom to help the child wherever and however they need it.

  3. Thank you very much

  4. Cathie,
    Thank you for your wonderful pink, blue, and green language series! I have been teaching Montessori for 30 years. I taught for a large school in the San Fransisco Bay Area for 25+ years and am now teaching a class out of my basement in Mapleton, UT for 3 years now. I started my school with only 3 students and now have 16 per day and am having to turn students away. I am the only Montessori school south of Provo right now. So many are growing aware of the beauty of Montessori. I have used a few different pink, blue, green series over the years. I just boxed up all my current materials and am laminating yours. They are the most complete and comprehensive set I've ever seen. I look forward to using them in my classroom this fall. You are so very generous to share your beautiful work for free! Blessings to you!