Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Parts of the Volcano Nomenclature Cards

We are getting close to the time to present volcanoes again.  I wanted to make a set that I liked and one that you would enjoy as well.  I am really excited by all the new things I am learning how to do with my design tools.

With this nomenclature set you can choose print or D'nealian font.  This set includes the following:

  • volcano
  • magma chamber
  • central vent
  • side vent
  • magma
  • lava
  • crust
  • cone
  • ash cloud
  • ash layers
  • volcanic bombs
  • crater
Parts of the Volcano Nomenclature Cards - Print Font
click on picture to link to file


  1. Dear Cathie,

    I've been regular vistor on your blog for quite sometime now.Its very informative and I appreciate the hard work and dedication thats gone into this.These free printables have been great help to me who cant afford montessori resources.
    Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful selfless service and striving hard to educate the lil' tots.

    mom of 4yr old

    1. You are welcome. I am so glad that you are helped out by my blog. Good luck in teaching your own children.

  2. Thank you so much for these and your other volcano printable! My preschooler is going to love them.

  3. Great resource! What program do you use to create this? I am impressed with the quality :)

  4. Thank you, for all what have you done!
    Best regards,