Friday, March 22, 2013

Volcano Photo Cards Set For Early Learning

Our classroom has been learning about volcanoes.  In my experience, little children who are not yet reading are always wanting more to see (they have not usually had a lot of exposure to these great things).  They enjoy the books about volcanoes, but they are really excited to see and talk about pictures of volcanoes.  These are big forces that are awesome and a little scary to them.  This year I created this Volcano Picture Set Cards for them.  The reception by everyone in the class has been warm.  I cut them out and laminated them, then I put a hole in the top left corner so they could be on a ring.  One of the children in my class has been struggling with dry and itchy skin and how bad it gets sometimes.  She will take these cards, sit in a reading chair, and rub her itchy tummy while she peruses.  It helps her somehow.  These things are always so interesting and thought provoking for me.

Volcano Photo Cards Set
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  1. Hi Cathie,

    Just a quick thank you for these absolutely beautiful cards. I have been collecting pictures for some time, but haven't found any as detailed as yours. Brilliant!

    1. I am so pleased that you love the pictures. Have a wonderful time with them.

  2. These just ROCK our world! Thank you. Lovely photos!