Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Montessori Language Exercises

I think that many of the people who will eventually utilize my blog will be people who are working in a smaller or home environment, I am really geared toward you.  You will be looking for the best stuff for the best price, and you will also want help in getting set up (I know that is what I wanted).  I want to help you save money and spend wisely.

Let's start at the VERY beginning.

The following is a list of Traditional Primary Language Exercises Materials (these items go along with the Primary Scope and Sequence), and the BEST places to order them.

Great Prices and replacement parts are my reasons for LOVING this place.  You may be able to find some things cheeper, but you probably will not be able to find replacements when you need them.  Not only that, but when you need to replace your item, you can turn them in for points toward purchases, and you get points for orders placed.  Fabulous all around.

* Paper for the metal insets is priced absurdly through any service.  It is COMPLETELY worth it to take a ream of paper to the local copy shop and pay them to cut it to 5 1/2 X 5 1/2 for you.  You will save at LEAST 50%

NOTE:  You will not see grammar materials on this list since the Primary Scope and Sequence I use goes through age 5 and not age 6.  In my manuals for Language Exercises the only grammar presentations for children by age 5 are... The First Noun Game, The First Verb Game, and The First Preposition Game.  None of these presentations require the Grammar Symbols.  *More for older ages later.

*For the Pink, Blue and Green Reading you will need A LOT of Phonetic Objects, Objects with Blends, and Objects containing Phonograms.  I have gone to all kinds of places to find my objects.  I have spent time at all the local thrift shops, at hobby and craft stores and I have found a couple of online places to order from.  Montessori Services and Montessori 'N' Such are my favorites.

The Following Items come from Montessori Services

The following is a list with links to Downloadable Materials I have created:
(if you are looking at this blog today, many of the links will not available yet.  I still need to upload them)

It bears noting that I do not use the Montessori Research and Development Language Arts Manual.  I have used for years and years the Language Exercise Manual from the Santa Monica Montessori Institute.  All manuals can be reconciled with each other when using the materials.  I will be happy to answer any questions about materials that I can.

This is a list of Other Exercises for Language I have made:


  1. This is amazing!!! Thanks for all your hard work and effort! I feel like I have found a pot of gold!

  2. I agree with the above comment. This is priceless for a busy semi-home schooling Montessori mum/teacher. I have been on default setting making all my (less than par) materials myself. Yours are perfect. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much!! your material is amazing!!!