Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Montessori Constructive Blue Triangles Activity Set

This free activity set for the Constructive Blue Triangles is a great springboard for exploration with the Constructive Blue Triangles.  After initial presentations to the set, you can introduce the child to this activity set.  I would only place a few easily produced cards in a basket to begin with.  For children at multiple levels I would recommend that more advanced work be kept separate from beginning work.

This is by no means a comprehensive set.  There are hundreds of possibilities.  This set can help to whet the appetite especially for children who are a little less sure of their own ideas.

Constructive Blue Triangles Activity Set
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I totally recommend Montessori Outlet if you want a great quality and inexpensive set of the triangles.  You could also opt for a printed set (this set does not give quite the same effect as the thicker sets).  You can find a great link to several free sensorial files here.

I have found that by the time I printed them out - using my ink - and laminated them for my own durability, I had almost spent as much as to purchase them.

This is a great link on the presentation of the Constructive Blue Triangles Set.

This is a file to make a Constructive Blue Triangles Pasting Activity that can be used along with the manipulative set and this activity set.  Several copies of this file need to be printed on blue paper and cut out.  No laminating is necessary.  You can set them out for children to cut by themselves or they can be set out already cut.  Let the children dry set them first and then paste them in place on white pieces of paper.
Constructive Blue Triangles Pasting Activity
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