Friday, August 17, 2012

Parts of the Flag Nomenclature Cards and Little Booklet

I am sure that I will be slowing down with all these cards and other things I have been making around here.  School is beginning and I have so many other things to prepare for during the year.  Who knows what goodies I will be making during the year, but you can be sure that I will share them with you.

Just like this free set of the Parts of the Flag Nomenclature Cards.  Another teacher at school mentioned today how she really likes the larger size of these cards.  I agree with her (of course that is why I make my own so much of the time).  I hope that you will enjoy these and use them.

****I am doing something NEW!!  You will see that there is now a file in D'nealian.  Hooray for the day!
Parts of the Flag Nomenclature Cards
click on picture to link to file
Parts of the Flag Nomenclature Cards - D'nealian
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I have also done something a little different with the Little Book to go along with these cards.  You will find all of the following included in this one file:

  • Print
  • D'nealian
  • Blank Line
Parts of the Flag Little Booklets
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  1. Enjoy prepping for your classroom!! You certainly made my job a lot easier this year. I absolutely adore the size you use for the cards,and the children do too. Thanks a million for sharing all your hard work.

    1. Isn't that what we all want, something that will make our jobs easier! I am glad I could help, and you are so welcome!

    2. I do appreciate all your hard work and have used plenty of your Materials.
      There's a mistake on Parts of a Flag (print) you have included two trucks and the arrows are not matching the truck. Thank you again for all that u share

    3. Thanks for the head's up. I have fixed both nomenclature files.

  2. These are much nice than the ones I have had to put together on my own. Thanks

  3. You are amazing!!!