Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Parts of the Fruit Nomenclature Cards and Little Books

I have been wanting to create my own parts of the fruit set of nomenclature cards for a while now.  I have been struggling to find the right pictures to use.  I am happy to say that I have been able to take some images that I liked and change them to fit my needs.  I will be using this set along with my favorite manual for Botany from HERE.  I could have made these the parts of the apple, but this way these cards fall right in line with my manual.

In my book, autumn is the perfect time of year to talk about apples and parts of the fruit.  I love apples, I love fall, I love cooler and crisper days.  I also love to listen to the chatter that children engage in during snacks, at down times, and outside in the fall.  This time of year just feels good inside, doesn't it?

I never pull out the fall themed items until it is really fall.  I try to stick to summer themed items until the children would really start seeing apples ready for the picking.  I guess that comes from my stint in upstate New York where I lived in an apple growing and harvesting town.  Fall sort of feels like a beautiful and crisp macintosh to me.

These Parts of the Fruit Nomenclature cards include the following:

  • fruit
  • pericarp
  • exocarp
  • mesocarp
  • endocarp
  • seeds
  • blossom end
  • stem
  • leaf

Parts of the Fruit Nomenclature Cards
click on picture to link to file

Parts of the Fruit Nomenclature Cards - D'nealian
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These are the little books for the Parts of the Apple.  These books include both Print and D'nealian tracing fonts as well as a blank line for independent writing.

Parts of the Fruit Little Booklets
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Because I love apples so well, I will be creating another post devoted to my favorite books, activities and so forth I have come to love over the years.  We will see that later.  Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. I just discovered your blog while searching for nomenclature. I am homeschooling my 5 children and cannot wait to explore your blog more & put to good use the beautiful materials you have here. Thank you! Thank you!


    1. It is so wonderful that you have found my blog helpful. Homeschooling 5 children is such a big deal. I remember it well! Best of luck.

  2. Thank you for the material. Appreciate your sharing. I am doing my elementary Montessori training and using this file in one of my presentations.