Saturday, December 15, 2012

Botany Nomenclature Set Little Books

I promised to get these Little Books for the Montessori Botany Nomenclature Set for ages 3-6 up soon.  This weekend I have had a few minutes to breathe and create.  This has been high on my list of items to  finish and get posted.

In Montessori education children are encouraged to treasure their work and to make it beautiful.  They can take a few minutes, an afternoon or over several days to complete a booklet.  It then can be placed in a folder or binder of collected works throughout the year or, in a homeschooled setting, years.

Sometimes a very young child will show a real interest in booklet making before they can write independently.  This is a good time to use the tracing sheets, as well as for any child who wants that greater support.  I have always been drawn to the phrase, "You are more advanced now.  Would you like to see a new way of doing this work?"  This tends to help children feel good about moving onwards and upwards towards independence in areas that can sometimes feel tricky to some children, like writing.  In this way a child is never compared to another.  The focus is directly on the child in your presence and his/her personal path.

This file includes both Print and D'nealian fonts as well as a blank lined sheet for the Parts of the following:

  • Plant
  • Tree
  • Leaf
  • Stem
  • Flower
  • Root
  • Fruit
  • Seed
Botany Nomenclature Set Little Books
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  1. Beautiful materials!! Thank you so much for sharing, my students will love working with these.

  2. Thank you! Plan on using these in my science camp :)

  3. Thank for sharing my students love your materials!