Saturday, January 19, 2013

Montessori Amphibians of the World Cards

This newest set of cards for the montessori classroom and homeschool is a great addition to an Amphibians Folder, or as a stand alone set.

Children are not usually exposed to the different kinds of amphibians that live on this earth, and as a result these cards are very interesting for them.  Even most adults do not know much about caecilians which is the 3rd order of Amphibians.  The 1st being frogs and toads, the 2nd being salamanders and newts.

These cards contain 5 amphibians from 6 different continents.  There are no amphibians found on the continent of Antarctica, which is an interesting part of the conversation when using these cards with a group.  The 6 continents are symbolized on the cards to facilitate the children in locating them on the puzzle maps or continents globe.  Each card also contains a fairly easy sentence for early readers that gives a little bit of information about each amphibian.  There is also a header card for sorting by continent.

*Note that Australia has 5 frogs since no other amphibians are found there.

Amphibians of the World Cards
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  1. Oh my... beautiful sets of pictures. I love that you had included the little continent at the top of the card. Love it, love it, love it! Thank you so very much :)

  2. WONDERFUL! Thank you sooo much!

  3. hi ! thank you so much for all your work ! it's amazing !!!

    P.S : this link doesn't work

    1. The link does work. I have found that people using Google Chrome need to log out of all accounts. Also, since the file is large you will not be able to see a preview, but it will still give the download option to click on.

  4. This is a great set of card. My children love them. Cathie, you have outdone yourself once again!

  5. just found your site. thank you so much for sharing. LOVE this card set! :)

  6. just found your website. thank yo so much for sharing! LOVE this card set! :)