Saturday, October 11, 2014

Parts of the Skeleton and Parts of the Pumpkin Nomenclature Cards with Blackline Masters

Here are two offerings that I have finished in these last couple of weeks.  These are topics we are studying right now during October and I found I didn't have either of them created yet.

An important note is that the skeleton cards are patterned after a 3-4 year old's skeleton.  I adapted them from this printable work.

I didn't like any of the Parts of the Pumpkin cards that are out there.  You might notice the same type of cutaway as the layers of the earth.

Parts of the Skeleton Nomenclature Cards
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These are the blackline Masters for both sets.  I have been learning a new way to make and use Parts of Books that I really like.  The first page in the blackline masters are just the image with no words or even a line.  The following pages are to help me in making the Parts of Control Books.  First I color in the isolated image in red and then I trace over the light gray letters with a fine sharpie pen.   I cut them apart, laminate them and plasticoil bind them.  I make sure that the plasticoil gives plenty of room for turning the page with ease.

One thing I learned years back is that whatever way you write your letters the children will copy.  Another thing I learned during one of my Practicum weekends was that a segment of the population cannot make sense of dotted or dashed letters.  Each dot looks separate and does not really create a whole letter.  This was troubling news to me and I started wondering about my oldest child with dyslexia.  Did that make things harder for her?

When the child creates the parts of books they can do one of 3 things in order to write the words.  They can copy the words because they are advanced enough to do that.  They can lay their colored parts of paper over the top of the page they are trying to create and trace over the letters, or I can write the words in a yellow highlighter for them to trace.  All three methods are regularly being employed in my classroom with great success.

Parts of the Skeleton Booklets Blackline Master
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Parts of the Pumpkin Booklets Blackline Master
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  1. Thank you for this. I can't open the Parts of Pumpkin, the colour ones?

    1. Thank you. I fixed that problem. I had uploaded the Pages document instead of a PDF. It should work for you now.