Monday, November 3, 2014

Parts of the Eye Nomenclature Cards and Blackline Master Free Downloads - Plus a Musings About the Sense of Sight

I created this set over the summer for our class to use while we learned about the sense of sight.  This year I have changed from doing all the senses at once to focusing on on sense in a month.  All of the senses were introduced during the 3rd week of school, but taking each sense and focusing more in depth has been rather enjoyable for the children this year.  The sense of sight was the first sense of focus.

To begin the sense of sight we took a little walk out to our community garden with a bit of prompting to pay close attention to interesting things that we could see there.  Once back inside we had a discussion about all the things they could see.  This took some time since all the children wanted to talk about more than one thing that was interesting to them that they could see.  The next question was, of course, "What part of our body do we use to see?".  At a later circle I introduced the Model of the Eye.  I have long been of the opinion that the Early Childhood through the Upper Elementary Child can benefit greatly from good quality medical models just as much as the college student.  While I would love to have inexhaustible pockets, I do not, so I purchase the best quality I can for my budget.

This model is from EISCO and was purchased from Amazon using our Prime Membership.  It ran just about $25.00.

After the children were introduced to and had some experience with the model, I introduced them to some sheep eyes and did a dissection.  Now-- I must say that there was NOT one child who was grossed out by this science work.  Quite the contrary.  Utter fascination and riveted attention is more like it.  I used these Large Line Time Cards to point out different the same parts we were seeing in the sheep's eyes.

Parts of the Eye Large Line Time Cards
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On a different day I introduced the Parts of the Eye Nomenclature Cards and the accompanying booklets.  Especially the 4's & 5's loved this work.  There were some children who loved them so well, they took them off the shelf EVERY day for two weeks.
Parts of the Eye Nomenclature Cards
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Parts of the Eye Blackline Master
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  1. Thanks for sharing your work. Where did you get the sheep eye to dissect?

    1. We live in a rural area and know some people who keep sheep.