Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Big and Wonderful News!

Everyone needs great friends. They make life lovely and bearable. Sometimes it is your support network that keeps you afloat and brings out the best possible in yourself. Sometimes GREAT things come out of being together when life gets tough. I never used to have these kinds of friends. I never really held onto friends when I was younger. But when you go through the hard things in life those friends make the difference between being carried and feeling it all. My friends Katie, Milly, and Leticia have woven in and out of my life for years. We’ve had spells when we didn’t get to see much of each other for one reason or another, but whenever we get together it is as if we never spent any time apart at all. Montessori brings us together. Our love of children brings us together. Friendship brings us together.

We always start by chatting about our lives, our loves, and our woes… but eventually the conversation turns into deep, meaningful discussions about Montessori, about education, about what the world really needs, and how the heck are we ever supposed to do something worthwhile about it. We can get awfully passionate about it all and I’m sure it would be really fun to be a fly on the wall. 

One December night in 2019 we got together for dinner and started talking about our desire to make Montessori more accessible and understandable to everyone. To children, parents, homeschooling families, teachers, support staff, administrators, schools, and the world. That night changed the direction of our lives.  

That night Foresight Montessori was born.

I am thrilled to introduce my dear friends and business partners to all of you. We are working together to make our vision for guiding successful education, home, and life journeys a reality. 

Find out more about us and what we aim to do at, @foresight.montessori on Instagram and @foresight.montessori on Facebook.

The future of the Helpful Garden blog

I'm certain everyone would agree that this has been an incredibly different year. I have sometimes been so stretched but always feel like my little Early Childhood Sequoias bubble is so precious. I have learned so incredibly much in the process of guiding little persons in the midst of a pandemic, but I haven’t been able to get to the blog. Luckily I now have help!

In the coming months The Helpful Garden will be moving to a new home, but don’t worry, you won’t have to go looking for something new. When you get on the blog it will redirect you to the new landing page. Look for more information about this move soon. The free resources will be moving with us and you can look forward to more products and so many resources. The best news is that the planners everyone has been asking me about are finally here! We know many of you have been waiting patiently, or impatiently, for these planners. We have spent so much time in preparation and development of these new Teacher Planners, because we wanted to make the best product for you. We have made lots of exciting changes in all the levels including Early Childhood, Elementary 1, and Elementary 2. I EVEN learned how to paint on the computer so they would be beautiful for y’all! 


We have been planning, developing, and creating for months! We are excited for the future of The Helpful Garden, Foresight Montessori, and to becoming Montessori’s North Star.



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