Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mushroom Matching Numbers Game

I found this great little numbers matching game on the Little Acorns blog.  I had to make it, and I am so glad that I did.  It didn't end up being the least expensive project, but it WAS worth the expenditure.  When I made them myself I decided that I wanted to make it more of a tactile experience for the children.

I made a matching pair of each number from 1 - 10.  It can be difficult for children to get it right when counting little dots, but the raised nature of the dots does seem to make a difference.  Not only that, but it seems to be pleasing to their little fingertips. The control of error is the numbers printed on the underside of each mushroom.  The child counts the dots on the top of the mushroom and then turns it over to see if they were correct.  Pairs are set together.

Mushroom Matching Numbers Activity in a basket
For the mushrooms I used 20 unfinished wooden doorknobs.   I painted them red and white with glossy acrylic paint using a sponge brush.  When they were dry - I added the dots with white puffy paint made for fabric.

I wanted to find something that would make the experience even better, so I found some Soft & Comfy fabric in lime green.  I sewed a little double sided 'grass' for the bottom of the woven basket (using iron on stabilizer to make it more stiff).

The raised dots on the mushrooms are made with white puffy paint for fabric 

The control of error is the numbers printed on the underside of each mushroom

I also made these cards to go along with this exercise.  There is enough room on each card for the pair to sit.  Some children will really benefit from the use of these cards.
Mushroom Number Matching Cards
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  1. Great post! I love the doorknob idea, and the green fabric, and the corresponding cards! Fabulous! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your fabulous ideas!

    1. Thanks, I love your blog and the inspiration I get from it.

  2. Fantastic idea! love it!!

  3. This is the sweetest thing ever:)) I am making this for sure!!! I am certainly sharing this great idea...can't thank you enough:))

  4. I'm trying to figure out how big these knobs are- can you give me an estimate. I love this idea and I know my kids would have fun with this.

    1. They are just little wooden drawer pulls that you can find at many craft stores and home improvement stores.