Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Go-Go Stop Writing

The Go-Go Stop Writing Book was made because of children wanting it.  To begin this work I will pull aside the children who are potentially going to want to, and are ready, to do this work.  I will show them this book, and ask them if they think they would like a book like this of their very own.
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When a child is wanting to use this book I will show them this stop and go sign on a whiteboard.  I will place the Go sign on the top of the board and the Stop sign on the bottom.  I will then use a yellow wet erase marker to draw a 'road' between the Go and the Stop Signs, and a dry erase marker of a different color to draw on the top.  I tell the child that I am going to move very slowly and carefully from the Go to the Stop on the yellow line.  Then I will ask them to say go-go-go-go until I get to the Stop sign and then I want them to say STOP.  We will do this several times, and then we trade places with the child using the marker on the board and myself saying go-go-STOP.  They really find this enjoyable, and laugh when it is time to stop.  I tend to increase the suspense by going slower as I get closer to the stop sign.
click on picture to link to the file

After this presentation I will let the child know that they are advanced enough for the Go-Go-Stop Writing Book.  I will show them that every line on each page has tiny GO and STOP signs with their own yellow 'road'.

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