Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Animals of North America Cards

These cards are what I will use along side The Animal Continent Box that I am putting together from the animal replicas at Safari ltd.  A few of the animals cannot be found through them (like the mountain goat), but I want them so much that I will get them from somewhere else.

These could be used as matching cards by printing two sets.

This set of cards is useful to both non-readers and readers alike.  The non-readers will be able to match the replica not only with the continent, but also with the picture of the animal.  I am sure that this will make it a more interesting exercise.

This set of cards has 35 choices for animals.  I have done this so that anyone using these cards could find enough animal replicas to go with them.
Animals of North America
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When my version of The Animal Continent Box is completed I will post everything here.

Just a Note:
I am also in charge of a bear den here for cub scouts, and they LOVED these cards.  I used them as a matching game (printed two sets), and then after we were finished playing, had them choose one of the animals to do a poster about.  I was told last week that I am officially the COOLEST LEADER EVER!


  1. Look at your spiny tailed iguana :)

    1. I'm sorry! I thought I had already fixed this file. I agree that that spiny tailed iguana was VERY spiny. Now it the porcupine has the correct name as well as opossum only has one p.