Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Colored Bead Stair Extension Exercise Worksheets

These files are great extension exercises for keeping children interested in working with the colored bead stairs.  A little later I will post the making ten files.  I have made files for both hanging beads and beads set out on a mat.  You will probably find it very useful to have the child set up the colored beads when using these exercises.  They could actually be used independent of bead materials.

Before introducing these worksheets, I like to give the child the chance to color the bead stair without any numbers.  You can find that activity here.

Each file comes with an explanation of what is included and how to use it.

Hanging Colored Bead Stair Extension Exercise Worksheets
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  1. Love this! Just introduced my youngest to the colored bead stair. Looking foward to the 'ten files'. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much. It will help my pupils from Les Makes, Réunion island. reazmoussa@yahoo.fr

  3. These are great. Thank you so much. 👍