Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clothespin Number Match - Bees

This companion to the Ladybug Number Match is very cute as well.  There are 0 - 10 bees on each card and five numbers to choose from on the bottom of each card.  The child uses a clothespin to match the number to the quantity of bees.
Bee Clothespin Number Matching Game
click on picture to link to file

I found miniature clothespins to use that do not cover up the number.  The child is working on their pincer grip at the same time as honing their number skills.

This is the work all ready to go in a basket


  1. I just found your blog via makingmontessoriours and LOVE it. This bee card work is adorable but all of your work is lovely. Your materials show great attention to detail, to beauty. I thank you for sharing your great skills with all.

  2. You are so welcome, and thank you for the appreciation. I have two more I am working on right now. My little 4 year old goddaughter was over last night, and just had to do both the bee work and the lady bug. It was hard at first to make the clothespins work, but the draw to complete the work made all the difference.