Thursday, April 5, 2012

Butterfly Life Cycle Pasting and Drawing Activity

Here is a little pasting and drawing activity for the butterfly life cycle.

This file has two activities in one.  The first has the pictures for the child to paste over and the second has only words as a guide.  The child can use the second page as a drawing sheet to draw their own life cycle after completing the pasting activity.  The child may choose to do both activities on the same day, on different days, or may only be interested in the pasting activity.
Butterfly Life Cycle Pasting & Drawing Activity
click on picture to link to file
Instructions for use:

  • adult prepares third page by cutting into strips and placing in basket for cutting
  • child cuts the pasting strips apart
  • child pastes the photos of the butterfly life cycle over the black and white images on the first page
  • child can now use the first sheet as a reference to draw their own pictures of the butterfly life cycle on the second sheet
  • The last page can be used by the child as a reference for drawing

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