Monday, May 7, 2012

Beginning Sound Picture Discs

Beginning Sound Picture Discs
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Beginning Sound Picture Discs include the following:

  • One disc with the focus letter in lowercase
  • Seven discs with corresponding pictures
  • each page has a list of the included pictures
Instructions for use:
  • Print all of the sheets on white cardstock
  • Cut out all the discs and laminate
  • Separate by letter - or create a more advanced sorting activity with 2 or 3 letter sounds

The circular shape of the discs is different and inviting for the children.  I have used yellow to denote that this is not a pink reading exercise, but that it comes BEFORE pink reading.

  • Bring a couple of children to the rug
  • Use one set of picture discs for the first presentation
  • Say, "This is called the Beginning Sound Picture Discs.  Can you say Beginning Sound Picture Discs?"
  • Take the picture disc with the focus letter out of the basket or container and place on the top of the rug
  • Say, "This is _____(letter sound), what is that?"
  • Take the first picture and lay underneath the letter disc and say, "This is a (lantern).  What sound do we hear at the beginning of the word (lantern) - emphasize the beginning sound of the word.
  • Say, "Let's see if this is the right sound."  Point to the letter disc and say it's sound two times, then point to the object and say it's name.  "Does (lantern) begin with (lll)?  Yes.  We will put the (lantern) under the (lll)."
  • Continue the same way for each picture disc in the group
  • Return all work to the correct place on the shelf
This little group of picture discs is a great way to help children recognize initial sounds.  Children do gravitate to this work because the pictures are enjoyed by them.  They also like to do this in pairs after they have had the presentation.

After children are comfortable with these presentations, it can be very fun to take pictures from other letter sets and place in the set.  Then during presentation it becomes a funny thing.  Just like this:

  • Present just as the in the first presentation  
  • When you get to the picture of the object that DOES NOT begin with the focus sound say, "This is a (watermelon).  What sound do we hear at the beginning of the word (watermelon)?
  • Say, "Let's see if this is the right sound."  Point to the letter disc and say it's sound two times, then point to the object and say it's name but with the focus letter sound in place of the initial sound (lllatermelon).  The children think this about the funniest thing that has happened in their entire day. (In the beginning I frequently need to help them understand the humor of what has just happened.  Anytime an adult puts their hand up to their face and giggles, it is a big deal)
After a while they become experts on whether or not something belongs to the group or not.  After they become more comfortable I no longer need to go through the longer presentation, but can instead just say:
  • This is a (bear).  Does it begin with the (lll) sound? (pointing to the focus letter)
  • The children will be able to tell if it is correct, and LOVE trying it out anyway because it will make a funny word. (caution - you will need to make sure that you do not put things like the picture of a duck in a suspect pile to avoid being shocked :))
For more advanced work I will take 3 full sets as follows:
  • I mix up and pass all the discs except the sound discs out to all the children in the group (this can be done with a larger group of about 5 to 7 children)
  • I place the sound discs at the top of the rug so that they can make 3 columns that will descend from the discs
  • We review the sounds that we are working on
  • I ask the first child to decide which letter he wants to try his picture with.  We place the picture ABOVE the letter disc to show it is being tried.
  • Once he has placed his picture of the disc, the group will check to see if his placement is correct.
  • If it is not correct I will ask him where he would like to try this time and so on until he can find the correct column
  • Once the correct column is found the picture is placed UNDER the letter disc
  • We continue around the room until all of the picture discs are placed in the correct column

I also LOVE to do this work with objects.


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing. We'll be using this lesson in our reviews this summer.

  2. wow, wow, wow and thank you for your entire blog!!! I am totally amazed at all that you have shared here. I just found your blog and I've already found so many things I want to use! thank you!

  3. This is amazingly creative! I have a very large class of brand new 3-5 year olds and have been struggling with how to catch the olders ones up to speed with the whole concept of sounds. Love your stuff, thank you!

    1. that is so great! This "work" is so fun! I hope you love it!