Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fruit Inside and Out Matching Cards

I just finished this new set of cards for matching the inside and outside of different fruits.  You can print them out, laminate them and place them in a basket for even very young children to match.

These fruits are all easily procured from the grocery store, so I suggest getting enough to have them for snacks so that children can see them cut in half, or peeled in the case of the banana.  Many of these fruits are also easily cut, so you could create a cutting exercise with several of them to go along with them.  Just be careful that the children who are presented with the cutting exercises of the fruits have already mastered other cutting exercises with knives.  Of course an adult must always be present when cutting with knives is offered.
Fruit Inside and Out Matching Cards
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  1. I love your resources! Thank you so much for sharing them. My Pre-K kiddos will love these.