Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colored Bead Stair Matching Cards

I am always on the lookout for new things that will engage the children in learning the basic materials.  I also am looking for things that can grow with the children and become more advanced as they do.  I hope that this new set will help to serve this purpose with the colored bead stair.  I like them better than regular nomenclature cards.  I will keep you updated how they are received as this next year gets underway.
Colored Bead Stair Matching Cards
click on picture to link to file
The younger child can match the colored bead stair to the colored number name and the colored number.  As the child becomes more advanced he or she can use the black and white version.

In order to make this work:
  • Print off two sets of each sheet
  • Cut one set or cards into three parts - 1st part is the bead, 2nd part is the colored, or black, name, 3rd part is the colored, or black, number
  • Leave the second set of cards whole to become the control cards
  • On the black and white set, place corresponding colored dots on the back of the cards to use as a control of error
  • Laminate the cards for durability
  • Place each set in an attractive basket or tray next to the Colored Bead Stairs on a shelf (you could choose to put on a tray with one set of the Colored Bead Stair)
I would love to hear how these are received by you and yours


  1. These are so wonderful, I love love love them!

    Is there a possibility that you could make them in Swedish if I give you the translation? Or if you send me the editable version I could do it? I know many of my readers that would be very grateful!
    Maria, Förskoleburken

    1. absolutely! I create my work on a mac program called Pages. If you have that I can send you the editable version, but I will be happy to do ANY of the materials you would like with a good translation. I really appreciate that you so frequently spotlight me on your blog. Just send me an email @

  2. This is so nice, how you designed it? Can i print this for the kids?

  3. Hi. Thank you so much for your site it is amazing! I have jsut tried to download this file and it says file not found :(. Also - do you have anything on rocks and different types?

    Many thanks


    1. I have fixed the link. I do not have anything on rocks at the moment, but as soon as I have anything I will be sure to upload it.