Saturday, August 18, 2012

Great Place for Free Control Maps

I want to let all of my readers out there know about a fabulous site for free control maps.  It is  It has all kinds of maps that can be used with Puzzle Maps for all kinds of work.  He is so generous to make it all available for whatever you want.  I am currently making the Cards of the Worlds Parts with the Continents maps.  I really like that he has so many different maps available for one part of the world.
For Example:
If you look under the heading for Africa -- you will find 40 maps for Africa, the continent, and then about 50 maps are available for EACH of the countries in Africa as well.  Not only that, but there are also historical maps!  The only thing I wish he had are the Eastern and Western Hemispheres Isolated.
there are unlabeled maps

and labeled maps

there are maps showing rivers (this is Botswana), and roads, and main cities

this map shows the Nile Delta with the cultivated areas
For information on how to use Control Maps in a Montessori Classroom, look here.

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