Friday, November 30, 2012

Parts of the Fish Nomenclature Cards

Now that I have gotten the BASICS covered in Botany nomenclature.  I want to move on to Zoology for a little while.
This FREE download of the Parts of the Fish Nomenclature Cards are lovely (it does feel a little funny to be saying that about my own creations, but I really do believe it).  They include the following parts:
  • Fish
  • Torso
  • Head
  • Eye
  • Nostril
  • Mouth
  • Gills
  • Lateral Line
  • Scales
  • Caudal Fin
  • Pectoral Fin
  • Anal Fin
  • Pelvic Fin
  • Dorsal Fin
Later I will get the Little Books up, but I've only got just a few minutes today for posting :).

I hope you and yours LOVE them too!

Parts of the Fish Nomenclature Cards
click on the picture to link to file
This is the picture file that I based the Drawing on.  Just in case any of you find it useful.

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  1. Thank you. They are indeed lovely, as is all of your other printable. Thank you so much for sharing this. Much appreciated!