Friday, December 14, 2012

A Beautiful Blog About Montessori Work with the Elderly

Last year I came across The Moveable Alphabet blog and really liked the work that was happening in her Primary classroom.  I haven't been back until today.  She has changed her employment and is now working with the elderly using a montessori aproach.  I have spent half the morning pouring over her posts and weeping at the beauty of what she is doing for those who deserve it so much.  Maybe it is in part because my own loving father-in-law is slipping further and further away into dementia.

Her newest post is about Leaf Washing with seniors.

This sweet lady had the most beautiful and sorrowful things to say as she washed and cared for the plant tenderly.  It is a must read.

I hope that you will take some time exploring her site and let it fill your soul as it has mine today.


  1. Would love to print the volcano three part cards, but it's not popping up. Any pointers?


  2. I hadn't thought of applying the Montessori approach to working with the elderly. What a creative idea. So glad I found out about this here. Especially when it comes to working with dementia patients, it is always appreciated to come across new ideas to test out. I'll definitely be trying this one. Thanks!