Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where have you been???

I have taken a break from blogging for a few months while I have been riding the wave of change in my life.  I have changed jobs and have moved to The Dancing Moose Montessori School in Salt Lake City.  I am excited by this new location and the chance to work in an environment that is much more conducive to an authentic approach to Montessori.  This will also give me the chance to create a blog where you can see more of what happens in my classroom.  With the change of employment comes a change in location.  I am busily moving from one house to another.  My living room is littered with school materials (waiting to go into storage space at the school and on the shelves) and moving boxes.

I have also undertaken a MEPI (Montessori Education Programs International) Early Childhood certification program this summer through IGS (Institute for Guided Studies).  This course is MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) certified.  MACTE is the international standard setting and accrediting body for Montessori teacher education.  This training has and is changing my life as a teacher.  I have several times during the course said, "I feel like I need to erase my blog and just start over."  While I will not be starting over, I will be implementing changes immediately.  There will be posts - especially in the language area - that I WILL erase completely.  I am sorry to anyone who has printed my blue and green reading... they will be changing.  I have been, for some time, troubled about finishing my green reading work.  I understand the feeling of uneasiness now and know exactly how to proceed.  So everyone who has been waiting so patiently for more green reading, you will instead get a COMPLETE reading program beginning with Readiness Activities leading all the way through Green Reading and Purple Reading (sight words).

I look forward to the future and all it holds.  Thank you for all your support, your comments, and your love.



  1. Congratulations on your move! I am excited to see the work you will be sharing with the Green Reading Series!

    I feel the same way about my blog, but life is a journey and when we know more we do better! One of the great blogs in having a blog is that you are able to see clearly in which direction your growth is going. Kudos to you for continuing your education journey, and thank you for sharing your new knowledge.


  2. welcome back! really appreciate that you made available these invaluable materials to all of us!

    1. Thanks guys. I look forward to getting down to work as soon as the dust settles from moving. I already have several new files that have been produced. I need time to post about them.

  3. Thank you so much for all you share! Best wishes with your move!

  4. thankyou so much :) i have used all your series ( even though , now you want to tchange them ) with alot of child who has SPD couldnt even read 2 years back....i would really appreciate if you could post newer files as soon as you can , cuz we are right now stuck at the green level. But i must add , you have been a blessing to our family :) and others , i'm sure :) thankyou for your kindness in sharing your work with us . it means alot to families on low budgets.
    regards Saba

  5. It's wonderful to hear about all the new things you are learning! I can't wait to see your new reading material!
    Thank you for all your great materials. I have used several and I really appreciate that you make them available to print.

  6. Congratulations on your new position! I have just printed both the pink and blue lessons and laminated the pink - it's fabulous. Do you know when you'll be updating blue? I'll wait if I can. Thank you so much for everything you post. You would be right at home in my classroom, because so many of my materials are your work! Thanks again.

  7. Hi Cathie,
    Congratulations on your new position. How wonderful to be employed with a true Montessori school. I just printed and laminated your entire pink series and it's gorgeous. I have printed the blue, but have not cut and laminated it. I can wait if you think you'll be posting the blue updated material soon. Your work is lovely. You would find yourself quite at home in my classroom because my shelves are filled with your lovely work. Thank you for all you share.
    Take care.

  8. Seriously. You are awesome. Thank you so much for taking your time out of your busy life to help other Montessori moms!! Looking forward to see what the future holds!

  9. Hello Cathie
    Appreciate your sincere efforts and the materials you upload in the blog, so rightly named Helpful garden - bearing fruits with no expectations. Kudos to you.

  10. Thank you for the downloads! I was just about to print the Blue and Green reading series. May I know approximately when the new ones will be ready? Should I wait or go ahead with the existing ones?

    Also, where do you find the clip art images for creating printables to share? I'm also creating printables for homeschool use and am wondering where to find clip art images that can be shared. A subscription service, DVD or ...?

    Any help is appreciated and all the very best!

  11. Hello Cathie,
    Can I just say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" :) For sharing the plethora and possibilities of all these needed and appreciated resources...You have no idea how much these have helped and will continue to do so in the future. Quick question, wondering if and when there might be a downloadable version of the winter weather cards please (if at all)? I was trying to complete the whole weather set and it will only take me to a snapshot not an actual link with the full color cards....Thank you again for all of your time and consideration! PS LOVE following on pinterest as well :)