Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awakening to concentration

On Thursday, a boy who was has been in my class last year as well as this had a breakthrough.  This little boy has spent the last year bouncing from exercise to exercise to activity without the slightest ability to focus or concentrate.

I made available to the children "Chest Vests" as a further project in helping them understand that our bodies have layers from skin to muscles to bones to organs, with the heart in the center.

This wonderful boy sat down with a few chosen colored pencils and worked on the ribs all morning long.  When he was finished with the ribs he started working on the lungs.  When he was finished with the lungs he then began working on the heart.  He worked so intently and was so focused on his work the entire class time.  He was still working with such great concentration when his mother came to pick him up.  He had an air of satisfaction and contentment when he left school.  There is a reason that the awakening of a child if such a favorite of mine.  I get this feeling under my skin and in my soul that almost nothing else can compare with.

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