Friday, September 30, 2011

Color Matching Mats & Cards

This set is very engaging, and the children love to work with it.  They will return to it for weeks, and when it resurfaces later it becomes a favorite again.

After printing, cutting and laminating, it would be wise to house all the smaller loose pieces in separate bags.  I used nicer clear zippered vinyl pouches attached with hook and loop fasteners to the back of each mat.  This way more than one child can use this work at one time.  A further extension exercise could be to give one child several colors of mats and the corresponding cards in a basket to sort.

Click on the picture to go to the file.


  1. What would be the correct show this to my child and have them work it?

  2. Thank you for creating and sharing these. I am excited to use these with my 18-month-old and think they would be a great speech therapy tool, as well.

  3. Thanks a lot !!

    Your sharing flows much on the Net and is such a help to so many families that I am surprised to see so few comments here ... :-(

    My son loves your beautiful cards and they will soon serve to her little sister! A big thank you and warm greetings from France.

    (Excuse my broken english...)

  4. Thank you, my daugther loves this cards! I would like write more but my english is limited...still thank you.

  5. Thank you for sharing the cards! Exactly what I was after for my 18 month old to start her on her colours.