Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter Books

This file is a complete set of front covers for the letter books
Instructions for assembly:
  • cut each front cover sheet in half the long way
  • cut two to three sheets of blank paper in half the long way
  • fold all the sheets into a booklet and staple along the folded edge (this will create a 1/4 page size booklet)
  • the child chooses the desired book and one-three colored pencils and writes the letter inside the lines on the front page
  • the child or the adult writes the name of the child on the front cover (frequently a child who cannot yet write their own name independently will ask me to write their name in yellow felt tip pen so they can trace it 'all by themselves')
  • the child proceeds to write the letter on each blank page in his/her book (this work could take more than one day as long as the interest of the child kept up)
  • if a child really wanted to do this work but could not produce a letter without more help I would write the letter in yellow felt tip pen so that they could trace it 'all by themselves'
Letter Writing Books
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