Monday, October 3, 2011

Cards and Counters Extension Exercise

These cards can be used in conjunction with the traditional Montessori Materials, or even in lieu of them.   After the initial presentations with the cards and counters, the children in my classroom also really love using them as an extension exercise with the pictured stacking counters.  They LOVE to build the number and then to say, "That's ODD (with the greatest emphasis), my finger got stuck." or "Wow, my finger EVEN (again with great emphasis) went through!".  There are limitless ways to use these cards.  Anything small enough, and in large enough quantities, can be a counter.  Pumpkins or apples for fall.  Stars or snowflakes for winter.  Flowers or planets or bug erasers.  I hope you can begin to see how children could stay engaged in this work over the course of the year.

Cards and Counters Extension Exercise
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Stacking Counters
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