Monday, October 3, 2011

Large Phonetic Word Cards

This is a very comprehensive set of beginner phonetic word cards.  I ALWAYS follow the blue vowel, red consonant pattern while creating work in the pink reading level.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  this set includes the words is, his, of, and has.  You can decide if you want to include them during this level or to wait until latter during blue, or green reading.  I have included them since they are integral parts of short sentences.  When teaching these four words I will ask, "How does this word sound out?"   "Yes, this word sounds out like ____, but we say it _____."  I will make a small chuckle and say,  "Isn't that funny?".  I will repeat this with them over time until the child feels strong in each word.  Since only these four "funny" words are introduced during all of the levels of pink reading the children do well and also find the "funny" words well, funny.

Two and Three Letter Phonetic Word Cards
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