Friday, January 4, 2013

Montessori Zoology - Classes of Vertebrates Nomenclature Set Little Booklets

Breaks are so fabulous!  I have gotten a number of things taken care of during my two week break that is quickly coming to a close.  I am both excited to get back into the classroom with the children and wishing that I had a few more days to prepare a few more things.

I have finished the Little Booklets for the Zoology Nomenclature Set that I posted here.

This set focuses on the five classes of vertebrates using the following animals:

  • Fish
  • Bird
  • Horse - mammals
  • Frog - amphibians
  • Turtle - reptiles
This set also includes little booklets using tracing fonts for both Print & D'nealian styles and also a blank sheet for independent writing.

Zoology Set Little Booklets
click on picture to link to file


  1. Do we need the tail for this or does the fins cover the tail? I wasn't sure

    1. Thanks I asked you a question previously that you maybe didn't see. Could you make a job about different kinds of owls.

    2. I might be able to put something together about owls. It might take a little while. My plate is very full at the moment. I will see what I can do.