Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Three-part Card Trays From Montessori Research and Development

I have made it no secret that I like many of the materials that are available through Montessori Research and Development.  This has always been purely because of many years of loving their work.  This is the first time I have ever gotten anything in exchange for a blog post, and I am so happy to do it.

If you have read some of my previous posts about Nomenclature or Three-part cards you will know that my classroom has had a big uptick in those cards being pulled off the shelves and used this year.  In fact it is almost certain that at any given time during the day there is at least one set of cards in use.  Since this is the case, I have felt it is in the best interest of the class to have more cards available in the areas at the same time.  I have owned and loved a few of the Three-part Card Trays from Montessori Research and Development for a some years, but really needed more.  I corresponded with Erik Nuno, who is the company director about hoping to get a few more for my classroom.  He shipped them right off and my class has been so happy to have them on the shelf ever since.  I currently have 9 on the shelves of my class.  3 in science, 2 in language, 1 in math, 2 in geography and 1 in sensorial.  Now that they have been set up for a couple of weeks I find that we actually could use a total of 5 in science (depending on what we are studying), 4 in math for currency, fractions, time, and golden beads (my colored bead stair cards are a different type).  I could also use a total of 5 in language for pink cvc cards, blue blends, parts of speech, the farm and metal inset cards, and 4 in geography regularly.  I would prefer to have 4 available for sensorial for sensorial apparatus cards, geometric cabinet cards, geometric solids cards, and color nomenclature cards.  I would lastly put one in art, not all the time but according to the lessons.  So that is a grand total of 23 that I would have in my classroom.  I am far from it, but will continue to order from Montessori Research until I have the number I want.

The Three-Part Card Tray from Montessori Research and Development is a economical and lovely tray for the classroom, running only $9.00 each.  The compartments are spacious enough to hold even larger cards, and certainly the cards that I create.  The depth of the compartments is a feature I like as well.  These are both something you want to watch for when ordering trays.  They are easily cleaned by even smaller children, with the control of error being a gleaming white surface.

The other tray that I looked at in the same price range had the control on the right.  That went against my core feelings when it comes to Montessori works.  I have always been taught, and ascribe to the standard that all work should move left to right.  Since we place the control first it should be on the left hand side.

I am so happy to recommend the 3-part Card Tray from Montessori Research and Development.

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