Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Updates on Andon - And a Go Fund Me Account

Those who have been following this blog know that our youngest son, Andon, was recently diagnosed with and started treatment for leukemia.  Once we left the hospital, we went out and got family pictures done before things really started to change.  He has been losing his hair in clumps and decided on Monday to shave it off.  It was a very emotional experience for me.  Somehow him losing his hair has made it very real for me.  His brothers and father chose to show support for him and shaved their hair off that night as well.  Our oldest boy had about 6-8 inches of great hair that was hard for him to part with.  In the end he did it because he knew that Andon didn't want to loose his hair and he had no choice. This experience will forever change us as a family and as people.

Since last month, I have not been back to work full-time and have, in fact, only gone into work once a week since his chemotherapy started.  I have a great fill in for me at work which has made it much easier.  Dancing Moose has been an amazing support through this new challenge, as well as the parents of the children in my class this year.  I wish our family could afford for me to stay home with Andon full time until this school year is over, but at the beginning of December I will be going into work for the morning work cycle everyday except his chemo day.  This is of course subject to change according to how well he is and how he handles the chemo.  Our oldest daughter, who is 18 and graduated, has been amazing and is currently looking for a new job that will allow her to be there in the morning and work in the afternoon.

We have seen many blessings and an outpouring of love.  It has been good for me to see how many people in this world are so kind.  Our family has truly appreciated all the emails of support and concern for our sweet son.  Several visitors to this blog have emailed and asked if there is a fund set up for Andon that they can donate to.  There is now.  A parent of another childhood cancer patient told us about Go Fund Me.  Here is the Link

It is our hope that through the Go Fund Me account we can keep our family afloat while paying hospital and doctor bills, working part time, and having all the unanticipated expenses of a child with cancer.  We are trying to raise $20,000.00 so getting the word out is important.  Whatever readers of this blog can do to help that happen is very appreciated.

Thank you.


  1. I am praying for you all . Being unemployed I can not give but you have my thoughts and prayers.

  2. dear cathie.. i pray for the speedy and complete recovery of andon and for god to give u and ur family the strength to get through these testimes.

  3. Dear Cathie, I hope Andon is doing better. Please also look up Gerson Therapy to supplement his body as he goes through chemo.