Monday, October 3, 2011

Cards and Counters Coloring Extension Exercise

This set of work is not a one day process for most children.  Many children who choose to do this work will appreciate having the opportunity to complete one or two numbers at a sitting.


  • the adult sets up a chosen number card and corresponding counter(s) and brings a colored pencil of choice to the rug or table (it is best to choose one of the lower numbers for presentation)
  • the adult models carefully coloring in the corresponding counter(s) on their own sheet
  • the adult says, "When I do this work, I will only color in the counter(s) that match the card and counter(s) I have chosen."
  • the adult says, "When I have finished coloring this number card and counter(s) I will put them all away and get a new number card and counters."
  • the adult returns all parts of this work to the shelf and invites the child to do this work
Cards and Counters Coloring Extension Exercise
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