Monday, October 3, 2011

Colored Bead Stair Coloring Activity

After the initial presentations with the colored bead stair I will bring out this extension exercise for the child.  As is true with many coloring or building exercises, many children may only choose to work on one or two colors at a setting.  There are four bead stairs on each page, and they will need to be cut into fourths.


  • bring the colored bead stair to the rug or table
  • build the colored bead stair
  • the adult says, "This is the colored bead stair coloring activity.  Can you say colored bead stair coloring activity?"
  • the adult says, "I am choosing to color the number ___, what color is the number ___?"
  • the adult says,  "What color do I need to choose?"
  • the adult goes to the colored pencils and returns with the correct color
  • the adult says, "Is this the correct color?"
  • the adult proceeds to carefully color in all the 'beads' of that number on the page
  • the adult says, "When I am finished coloring the number ___, I will choose another number to color."
  • The adult returns all parts of this work to the shelf and invites the child to do this work
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Colored Bead Stair Coloring Extension Exercise
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